— that would be bad.O●f course, from another point of vie●w, the British couldn’t do anyt▓hing to a man with an official position like● me.But if the Gyppos once th▓ought

▓about me — old man, I might lose both jobs●, and both salaries.That’s● what troubles me.’ We mounted the● fly-blown staircase with its ragged ●rat-holes.‘It smells a b

get quite used to it.It’s the m▓ice.No, I’m not going to mo▓ve.I’ve lived in this quarter for years▓ now — years! Everybody knows me and li●kes me.And besides, old Abdul

?He chuckled and stoppe▓d for breath on the first landi▓ng, taking off his flowerpot the be▓tter to mop his brow.Then he hung downwards, ▓sagging as he always did when he wa